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By Felix Akinnibi

10 Manicure Trends We Loved At The New York Fashion Week 2024

Fashion week is that time of the year when beauty and creativity meets elegance. It’s a world of colours, designs, and art. The New York Fashion Week 2024 was held recently. We couldn’t help but notice some manicure trends and how they elevated the various looks at the Show. If you are looking for inspiration, let’s look at some of them together.

Some Manicure Trends at The New York Fashion Week 2024

1. Red Chrome Tips

Red Chrome Tips NYFW 2024 

You could find the Red Chrome Tips on Prabal Gurung, styled by Gina Edwards, the manicurist who was behind the looks. This look gives a modern vibe to the classic red color. It adds a touch of sophistication and a touch to any look, grabbing attention, and making it a bold choice for you if you’re seeking to make a statement with your nails.


2. Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails NYFW 2024 

Nothing spelled classy on the runway more than the Ombre trend designed by JINsoon for Jason Wu. The Ombre Nails trend brings an alluring effect to the fingertips. This technique blends different colours from light to dark or vice versa, creating a subtle yet striking transition on each nail. They offer versatile colour combinations to suit any style or occasion you have in mind.

3. Black French Tips

 Black French Tips NYFW 2024

Models at PatBo styled by Gina Edwards wore French tip manicures with black tips which gave it a trendy twist. Instead of the usual white tips, they're painted black, which adds a touch of edge and elegance. It's a simple yet stylish choice that can easily elevate your outfit, making it perfect if you want to try something different without being too flashy.

4. Metallic Tips

 Metallic Tips NYFW 2024

This look was put together by Gina Edwards for Prabal Gurung. It brings a shiny and eye-catching look to your fingertips. The nails have a glossy finish that reflects. They can come in various metallic shades like silver, gold, or bronze, adding a touch of glamour to any outfit. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just want to add some charm to your everyday look, metallic tips are an easy way to make a statement without doing too much.

5. Holographic Silver Manicure

 Holographic Silver Manicure at the NYFW 2024

This manicure has a silver polish with holographic effects which creates a beautiful shimmer when it catches the light. It's a fun choice that adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit of your choice. It has such a unique vibe, that you’ll be sure to turn heads with the little magic at your fingertips. It was styled by Chillhouse for Bronx and Banco.

6. Gold French Tips

 Gold French Tips NYFW 2024

The French manicure will always be a classic and there are a lot of beautiful ways they are being styled that you can’t just get enough of it. Gold tips give you an elegant choice you can style with any look you want. It’s a timeless appeal and a great way to make a statement with your manicure. This look was styled by Tara Haye and worn by Tiffany Brown.

7. Cherry Reds

 Cherry Reds NYFW 2024

When Holly Falcone was putting this look together, they had class in mind. The Cherry Red manicure brings a bold and vibrant statement to the runway. It is a great way to exude confidence and style with your outfit that can help you strike an impression. This look was worn by Sandy Liang on the runway.

8. Mannequin Manicure

Mannequin Manicure NYFW 2024 

This is for fans of minimalist aesthetics. The mannequin style gives off a natural look to your nails. It involves painting the nails with a polish that closely matches your skin tone, which gives the illusion of perfectly groomed nails without drawing too much attention. If you’re looking for a low-key yet beautiful nail look, you should check out Mannequin Manicure. Manicurist Jin Soon Choi curated the Mannequin manicure for Helmut Lang.

9. Coquette Bows

 Coquette Bows NYFW 2024

Sally Hansen worked on this look for LoveShackFancy with the Salon Effects Perfect Manicure Press-Ons, Salon Effects Nail Accents, and little black and pink bows. The Coquette Bows add a playful and feminine touch to your nails. It has tiny bow designs resembling ribbons painted on the nails. Coquette Bows are a delightful way to express your style with a hint of girly flair.

10. Crystal Decals

 Crystal Decals NYFW 2024

Tell us what else could scream luxury and style better than these decals manicures from nail artist Naomi Yasuda, working for OPI for Luar. They instantly elevate any manicure, adding a grand finish. This isn’t just an easy way to make a fashion statement, it also makes your nails stand out with a touch of elegance.


Some of these nail trends we've seen at New York Fashion Week give us a fun and exciting peek into the world of nail art. There's something for everyone's style. Remember that with or without trends, manicures are all about expressing your personality through your nails. So if you're thinking about trying something new with your nails, take inspiration from these trends and get creative with your next manicure. We hope you love them as much as we do.








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