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  • What is a Full Set of Nails?

    What is a Full Set of Nails?

    Doing a full set is adding full nail extensions, nail tips, or simply overlay to enhance all ten fingernails. This can also apply to the toenails. Full sets are highly fashionable and can be manipulated into different shapes and lengths. This...

  • What Are Overlay Nails?

    What Are Overlay Nails?

      You might be in love with your nail shape, length and the pop of color that comes with nail polishes, but dread the temporariness and horror of seeing chipped nail polish or broken nails. You may also want something...

  • Are Press-On Nails Reusable?

    Are Press-On Nails Reusable?

    Also known as Glue-on Nails, Press-on Nails are ready-made nails in different colors and designs that are easily glued to the natural nails. This means you won't be required to sit and wait for the whole painting and drying process....

  • What Are Acrylic Nail Extensions?

    What Are Acrylic Nail Extensions?

    What Are Acrylic Nail Extensions? Acrylic nails are nail extensions that are created with acrylic, a material that transforms into a nail-like hard texture. They are made from powder polymer and liquid monomer mixture. This mixture is spread over your nail as an...

  • What are Solar Nails?

    What are Solar Nails?

    Solar Nails are artificial nails made from a specific powder and liquid chemicals. They are a specific brand of acrylic nails manufactured by Creative Nail Designs and have been in existence since the ‘70s. Although they resemble acrylics, they have their...

  • What Is Nail Lacquer?

    What Is Nail Lacquer?

    Nail Lacquer is another name for regular nail polish. However, it has distinct properties that set it apart and make it a favorite for beauty enthusiasts and nail professionals.  Nail Lacquer The term “lacquer” comes from the word “lacquering" which simply...