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By Felix Akinnibi

How Long Do Nail Wraps Last?

Your nail wraps can last up to 10-14 days with proper application. Although it varies with nail oiliness, nail texture, and your lifestyle.

What Do I Do To Make My Nail Wraps Last Longer?

1. Prep your nails, preferably with an alcohol wipe.

alcohol wipe

Before applying your nail wrap, it is important to prep your nails. Push back your cuticles, and clean your nails with an alcohol wipe. You can use one wipe for all ten fingers. Gently rub it on your nail bed, and it removes all traces of oils, nail polish, and the like from your nail.

This ensures that your nails are clean, and that the adhesive present on the inside of the nail wrap bonds well with your nails, leading to a longer lifespan. It will also prevent bacteria from growing inside the wrap.

2. Try A Nail Dehydrator

A nail dehydrator is a solvent that dissolves small amounts of moisture. They are used to remove moisture from the upper surface of the nail. They are super easy to use, as they come in a nail polish bottle for easy application. All you need to do is gently brush the liquid onto your nail bed. You do not need a lot, as one drop can cover five fingers.

Apply a quick swipe of the nail dehydrator on your nail bed, right before your nail wrap application. This lets the adhesive stick to your nail and get rid of oil or moisture that may affect the adhesive.

3. Apply A Top Coat

Top Coat application

A top coat is a clear protective layer that is applied to the nail wrap. It is applied to help extend the lifespan of the nail wrap and also protect it from damage. Top coats are specifically made to bond with nail wraps, and form a strong long-lasting protective layer. 

Top coats also help to prevent, smudging, peeling, or chipping of the wraps, and other types of damage that may shorten the life span of the nail wrap.

4. Do not Overflow Your Cuticles

Many times because you want your nails to shine extra, you tend to apply too much top coat and this can cause ridges on your cuticles. And these ridges in turn make your newly installed sets messy.

These cuticle ridges cause ridging, or early lifting. There is only one solution to that. Less is more with top coat. Once your sets are properly installed, trimmed, and filed to your choice, you can finish with one layer of your top coat, and cure immediately.

5. Make Sure The Edges Of Your Nail Wraps Are Properly Tucked In Your Nail Cuticle

To do this, use a cuticle stick or a UV nail light to secure the edges of your nail wraps into your nail beds. Sometimes early lifting or snagging is caused because the nail wraps were not properly laid into the nail beds.

Nail Wraps and Nail Stickers

People often use the term “nail stickers” equivalently with “nail wraps”. Nail stickers are another name for nail wraps. They offer the same benefits as nail wraps. Although some nail stickers are known to cover only a few parts of the nails, they are undoubtedly still nail wraps.

How can I remove my nail wraps?

All you have to do is soak your nail in a nail polish remover, and you can use a nail clip to remove it, as it comes off easily.

Do nail wraps use glue?

Nail wrap glue is used alongside silk wraps because it is thinner than most glues and adheres to the nail faster.

How can I maintain my nail wrap?

As much as you do work with your nail wrap, try to avoid strenuous jobs that may have adverse effects on your fingers, that way you can avoid peeling, chipping, and the like.

Now you know that your nail wraps can last two weeks. Got any questions? Share with us in the comments.





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