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By Felix Akinnibi

Nail Wraps vs Gel vs Nail polish

Searching for the perfect hassle-free manicure can be a pain in the neck now that there are different types of manicures at your service.

Nail wraps, compared to gel manicures have a quick application and removal which is surprisingly simple without harsh chemicals. Nail polish comes in one solid color and has to dry before you can go about your day.

Let’s dive into the differences.  


Nail wraps

Gel manicure

Nail polish


Quicker to remove and apply. Can be done from the comfort of your home.

Requires the use of UV light to cure and the use of harsh chemicals in its removal.

Can be applied by yourself in your home, only if you have a UV light.


Save time and reduce unnecessary queues at the salon.

You have to visit a nail technician or a nail salon to get the proper application.

A bit similar to gel manicure. Requires the use of UV light to cure which you may not have at home.


Life span of up to two weeks if properly applied.

Can last more than two weeks without getting damaged, because of its application process.

At most, stays for about two days, before it starts to peel off.

What are Nail Wraps?

8 Ball - Premium Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are thin flexible sheets that are applied directly on your nails offering various colors and designs. They are pre-designed and come fancy, they also have a simple application process, unlike nail polishes that are only solid colors. If you love switching up your look at intervals, then nail wrap is the best for you. They are also healthy for your nails. 

What are Gel Manicures?

Gel Manicure

A gel manicure uses soft gel in the form of polish. The gel polish acts as an overlay on the finger cured under a UV light. The polish is applied in several thin layers before the next layer is applied and is cured under UV light until satisfactory.

Although they are great for a shiny finish and are pristine for weeks, they have a few downsides, mostly the harsh curing, a time-consuming application, and removal process. Thanks to this, it is mostly done at the salon.


Gel manicures have a reputation for lasting longer than nail wraps; lasting for two weeks and more without being chipped or damaged. When properly applied, nail wraps, can get up to two weeks of longevity. Nail polish takes just a few days. In all, it is best to opt for nail wraps.

Natural Nail Health

Again, nail wraps win hands down. Gel polish requires UV light to cure the polish, and thus can damage the nails and weaken the beds. Nail wraps are non-toxic and do not require the use of light exposure to cure, and this makes them a healthier home alternative.


Nail wraps are quite affordable when it comes to making that choice. With gel manicures, the expenses at the salon can add up to a thousand dollars very quickly.


Gel manicure gives you room to explore and choose a design you want, but whatever you choose is there till you remove the nails. While for nail wraps, as long as you keep getting new ones, you can change your designs as often as you want.

Gel Manicures vs Nail Wraps vs Nail Polish: Which Is Comfortable For Home?

Nail wraps are the best as they are simpler to apply and remove. Like gel manicures, nail polishes almost always require you to visit the salon. Even if you decide to apply it at home, it takes time to dry and may in the end require tools to dry out.

Can a Nail wrap be reused?

No, they cannot be reused. They are designed for one-time use. Once they have been used, you cannot use them again.

How can you store unused Nail wrap sets?

It is best to leave them in the same pack that they came in, and store them in a dry place. If you have a shelf for your cosmetics, store them there.

Can I use Gel polish without a base coat?

The base coat is the protective layer between your nail and the polish. It is advisable to apply one thin base coat every time you apply gel nail polish.

In conclusion, nail wraps are quite the standard as they are easy to apply, remove and are quite affordable too. However, if you love gel manicures, there is surely enough room to explore, but you might miss out on the versatility and flexibility of nail wraps.






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