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By Felix Akinnibi

10 Therapeutic Benefits of Manicure

What do you think of when you hear about self-care? Facials? Spa treatments? Shopping? Hair Day? Manicures and Pedicures? Manicures are one of the most common forms of self-care that people indulge in, and for different reasons. Beautiful hands mean beautiful vibes, and manicures give people just that. Who doesn’t love having fingers that look and feel moisturised and beautiful? 

Of course, the sole reason for a manicure is a beauty treatment for the hands, taking care of the skin on your hands and fingers. However, there’s a lot more to manicures than the regular beauty and physical benefits. Beautiful fingers are a huge plus, but a manicure has many benefits beyond that. 

Interestingly, only some of the benefits are purely physical or aesthetical. Getting a manicure has some really great therapeutic benefits for you. 

Therapeutic Benefits of Manicure

1. A better mood

Depending on your interest, many things automatically put you into a great mood—good food, a good day off work, and your self-care routine, which includes a manicure. There is a refreshing feeling that comes with doing a manicure as a part of your self-care routine. The confidence boost you get when your fingers and nails are looking fresh and new, waving your hands all around for everyone to see them, is one of the therapeutic benefits.

2. Improved productivity

Taking time out to do something as small as a manicure for yourself and, in turn, taking a break from work and the other things you have going on is a productivity booster. Constantly working and thinking about work tends to reduce your productivity over time. Taking a break to get a manicure is a chance to let your mind take a breather and refresh. A manicure can be a time for you to stop overworking your brain for the duration of your appointment and just relax.

 hand massage during manicure

3. Stress relief

Manicures go beyond just painting your nails and making them pretty. They also involve massages that will help with blood circulation in your hands. These massages will help you destress and relax, making you feel more at ease. This will be extra therapeutic for you if you spend all day typing away on your laptop or mobile phone. A manicure can help you with the tension that craps up your fingers, thereby easing your stress.

4. A chance at regular social interaction

Some of the best memories of our lives come from interacting with random strangers on the road or in spaces like the manicure and pedicure salon. Getting a manicure regularly can be your one shot at interacting with both strangers and familiar faces often. Chatting with your manicurist can be a great way of destressing and getting your social interaction game up. You can even get to try out speaking to completely new people and maybe even make friends that’ll stick with you for a lifetime.

5. Improved sleep

Are you struggling with sleep? Try a manicure. The entire process of a manicure has one very amazing effect: relaxation. The stress relief, relaxation and break from work that comes with getting a manicure are bound to help you sleep better, as long as you don’t go back to work after the appointment. Try it. Go straight to bed after a late manicure appointment and see how easily you’d fall asleep and even sleep better.

hands looking fresh and clean

6. Healthier skin

A manicure involves caring for all the skin around your hands and fingers. This involves exfoliation, massages and the likes. These actions help improve blood flow in your hands and remove dead skin cells, making your skin healthier. A manicure strengthens your hand muscles and reduces cellulite and calluses on your skin, giving you healthier skin around your hands.

7. Improving positive body image

Taking care of your physical appearance can be a great way to boost your perception of your body. Of course, a manicure is an important part of your physical appearance, as your hands will always be in front of you. Getting a manicure can help you have a better sense of your body image, increasing your self-confidence. Let manicures be your chance to build a better relationship with your body.

8. Mindfulness and focus

The process of getting a manicure requires you to sit down and just focus on your thoughts. Getting a manicure helps you practice mindfulness and focus more on the present moment. During your manicure session, you can use the opportunity to improve your mental focus on the important things and even get clarity on your thoughts. The best ideas for your work can even come to you when you’re focused and mindful during your manicure session.

9. Improved nail health

Regular manicures, especially when a professional manicurist does them, help your nail health go from a 0 to a 100 over time. These manicures focus on your fingers and nails and help you improve your overall nail health. Through trimming, removing dirt, applying treatments and serums to help strengthen your nails, and then beautifying them, your nails' health will improve over time.

10. Getting an amazing sensory experience

If you’re someone who loves to feel all the feels, immersing yourself in every soothing experience you can, a manicure is going to give you a fantastic ride. Manicures usually engage a lot of your human senses, heightening your experience. From the calming sound of the water used in the process to the lovely smells of the oils and lotions used and the smooth feel of the serums, creams and scrubs used in the manicure process, the sensory experience is mindblowing. It can help you relax further from how good it feels.


Manicures can be as simple as making your fingers look good before your next date or night out with friends. But it can definitely be much more for you. They offer an extensive range of therapeutic benefits that go beyond the physical looks. You should try out manicures more often, if you don’t already do them. You deserve to experience all the possible benefits of relaxing in a manicure session. Book that manicure appointment right now. 







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