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By Felix Akinnibi

What is a Full Set of Nails?

Doing a full set is adding full nail extensions, nail tips, or simply overlay to enhance all ten fingernails. This can also apply to the toenails.

Full sets are highly fashionable and can be manipulated into different shapes and lengths. This is largely influenced by your style, occupation, preferences, etc.

Versatility of Full Set of Nails

Full set of nails come in varied forms which allows you to explore different colors, shapes, lengths, and designs. Some last longer than the others.

Acrylic nails

These are fake nails made from powder polymer and liquid monomer mixture. They can be applied to the natural nails to be molded to your desired shape, and if you want more length, they can be used on artificial nails glued to your natural nails.

Gel nails

It involves using soft gel to polish the nails. It usually has a sleek, shiny, and smooth finish cured (hardened) by a UV light. It lasts longer and doesn't smudge like regular polish.

Press on nails


These are artificial nails that do not require any painting. They are ready-made to be glued to the nails in just a few minutes. They also come in different designs, shapes, and lengths.

Shapes of nail sets

There is a range of nail shapes to be explored with full set of nails. Here are some of them:

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