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By Felix Akinnibi

What Are Overlay Nails?


You might be in love with your nail shape, length and the pop of color that comes with nail polishes, but dread the temporariness and horror of seeing chipped nail polish or broken nails.

You may also want something not too extra to add more beauty to your nails but not too simple such that it looks boring and predictable. If these are your thoughts, overlay nails are just the right in-between needed.

Overlay nails give a more attractive look to your nails and add a natural-looking and pleasing aesthetic feature to them, making you always get the question, “Are these your natural nails?”

This type of manicure involves using nail products directly on your nails to aid growth and contribute to durability. 

Overlays can be done in versatile styles and shapes that give different outcomes; whether abstract, magical, shiny, subtle, playful, chic, or whatever catches your fancy, really!

Types of Overlays

Just like other artificial nail types, there are different types of overlays you can choose from depending on your lifestyle and preferences. 

Gel Overlays 

Source: Refinery29

This type of manicure makes use of builder gel which has a thicker consistency and supplies more protection to the nails than regular gels and still gives that high gloss finish. They are usually dried under a UV lamp like regular gels.

Acrylic Overlays 

Source: Tratenor

To achieve an acrylic overlay, a bead which is a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer is applied to the natural nails resulting in the typical acrylic look. The only difference is that they are not usually as long as the artificial acrylic nails.

Dip Powder Overlays 

Source: Nailsinc

Here, dip powders are used for reinforcing the nails. They are more lightweight than acrylics. After “dipping”, a clear sealant is used to top it, which makes it last longer. 

Benefits of Overlay Nails

A main advantage of overlays is that you can be sure of well-preserved nail health as your nails are strengthened and also protected. Likewise, it is useful for weak nails since it provides the support that your nails need to prevent breaking or chipping, thereby guaranteeing longevity. 




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