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By Felix Akinnibi

21 Nail Trends In 2024

Nail art and manicures are such an amazing and unique way of self-expression that people all over the world experiment with. Your nails are one of the ways you can find out what works with your style. So, no matter your aesthetic, there is a nail style for you to try out. 

We have put together 21 of the nail trends in 2024 that you can and should try out. 

2024 nail trends for you

21. Pastel colors all round

 Pastel nail colours

Source: Southern Living

Typically, especially for most of 2023, pastel colours were a trend that people enjoyed trying out in the spring because of how much they matched the season. In 2024, everyone is wearing pastel nails, regardless of the season. Yes, all year round, especially with a glazed finish on them. 

20. 3D nail jewels

3D nail jewels

Source: Glam

2024 is the year nails are going bigger and bolder, and nail jewels will be a huge part of that. Sparkling 3d nail jewels take your nail game from 0 to 100 with the texture and feel they provide. You can try something bold, like jewel studs, or something more subtle, like smaller pearls.

19. Short Square Nails

Short Square Nails

Source: Lifestyleidol

Can these ever go out of style? These short, simple and basic coloured nails are almost everyone’s go-to when we want something cute and simple. If this is your favourite go-to nail, don't fret; it’s not going out of style anytime soon. Enjoy the clean aesthetic that comes with it.

18. Textured Ombre Nails

Textured Ombre Nails

Source: Pinterest

Ombre nails started gaining more attention in recent years, and people have been personalising them by trying out different styles with them. Textured ombre style of nails using earth tones as a base and finishing the texture with bright colours is a trend thriving with nails in 2024.

17. Airbrushed Nails

Airbrushed Nails

Source: Byrdie

Try this slight twist if you love the simple-looking, warm colour manicure. The trend of a solid base colour with a simple airbrush finish on top will remain as people try to spice up the “clean” aesthetic, adding an edge to it.

16. Metallic foils

Metallic foils

Source: Byrdie 

Metallic finishes became more popular last year and are gaining more attention through metallic foils. Add an edge to your nails by adding these foils to give a flowery or metallic vibe, depending on what angle you want to try out.

15. The Classic French Nails

The Classic French Tip Nails

Source: MyGlamm 

With all the colours and textures everyone wants to try in 2024, expect the classic French tips to come out and shine when people need a break from all the colours. If you’re looking for something simple and light for lazy or quick manicure days, french tips will come to the rescue.

14. Latte nails

Latte nails

Source: Pinterest 

Brown nails, in all its shades, have always taken the lead in anil trends, especially with simple and chic styles. Latte has now joined the trend table. Latte nails are gaining all the traction from being a shade of brown that’s relatable and easily accessible. The swirl that forms the finish makes it attractive as a trend in 2024.

13. Signature scarlet nails

Signature scarlet nails

Source: Sheerluxe

You can never go wrong with red nails. Red is a stand-out colour for manicures, no matter the nail's length, size and style. You can spice it up by styling it based on the other trends.

12. Floral nail art

Floral nail art

Source: Itakeyou

Floral art is another set of nail art styles that will hit the roofs and become more common in 2024. Imagine different types of flowers based on the season: green and pink in spring and brown and orange in fall. They are completely customisable and a great place to explore in 2024.

11. Aura Nails

Aura Nails

Source: Byrdie

These nails started trending on TikTok last year, but their aura hasn’t died. Expect to see more of the ethereal nails in 2024. This nail style has orbs of colour in the middle that look similar to an ombre vibe, which has a stunning hazy effect with the colour shift.

10. Bow Accents

Bow Accents nail design

Source: Makeup.com

The cute aesthetic is growing further with bow accents on nail art. From 3D bows to cute little bow paintings and bow stickers, bows are everywhere, with people embracing their femininity.

9. Chrome nails

Chrome nails

Source: Glamour Magazine 

Metallic vibes are here to stay, and one of the ways they will trend is with chrome nails. Get that shimmery sheen over your nails in your favourite colours and stand out with every wave.

8. 3D Nail Art

3D Nail Art

Source: Glamour Magazine

The 3D nail aesthetic is here to stay, and the possibilities are endless with the different techniques. In 2024, experiment with different colours and materials like gel, resin or acrylic to create the most beautiful 3D art styles on your nails.

7. Fine Nail Glitter 

Fine Nail Glitter

Source: Lecenté

Fine glitter will be a good choice if you want to try the metallic look but don't fancy chrome or foils. Get a subtle elegant and statement loom with fine glitter.

6. Velvet Nails

Velvet Nails

Source: Allure 

They are an unusual but classy nail style that is getting more popular in 2024. Using magnetic nail polish, velvet styles come in different colours and give off shiny vibes.

5. Almond shaped nails

Almond shaped nails

Source: Pinterest 

It's another classic option that everyone keeps coming back to. In 2024, classic almond nail shapes will remain at the top because of the elegance they give to the hands, also giving the illusion of slim and long fingers.

4. Jelly Nails

Jelly Nails

Source: Pinterest 

Jelly nails are a minimal aesthetic that gives a perfect sheer. Jelly nails will be making a comeback in 2024 with their glossy feel.

3. Press-on nails

Press-on nails

Of course, the most accessible nail options will remain atop the trend table in 2024. Considering how easy they are to get in different varieties, press-on nails are going nowhere. So, life continues in 2024.

2. BIAB nails

BIAB nails

Source: Flowbeautylab

The long-lasting alternative to gel nails is here to stay in 2024. Gel lovers who want a durable and natural feel will use BIAB nails more in 2024. 

Nail styles are diverse and embody different feelings and vibes based on people's styles and personalities. These styles will remain relevant in 2024, so start exploring them at your next manicure! 

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